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The Benest Window is situated to the south of the altar. Although there are two sections to the window, it shows a single scene – the miraculous catch of fish in Lake Galilee following Jesus’ resurrection (John 21:5-7).

This is an appropriate theme for a Sanctuary Window as the Lord’s Table is not only a place where Christians gather together, but also a place from where they are sent out to proclaim God’s love and to be “fishers of men”.

This window was given in 1926 in memory of Jurat Benest, who lived at Rocqueberg, Samarès. Charles Jean Benest had been blessed in many ways – he was a respected member of the community, having served as Connétable of the parish for 21 years from 1885. He had three daughters and owned a good number of properties around St Helier. But it was perhaps his ownership of the Jersey Oyster Company that prompted the theme of this window, for the sea had been a source of great abundance for his family. This window is a measure of the Benest family’s thankfulness to God, and perhaps a reminder to us to count our own blessings.