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Inside the Church

Step inside, discover the quiet beauty of St Clement’s Church, and how much it has changed over the centuries.

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass making began life as a Christian art form a very long time ago. The instructions that the monk Theophilus wrote in 1100 AD have changed little over the previous 900 years. 

The pulpit

A faded old photograph of the interior of St Clement’s Church hangs in the Rectory. We know that it was taken on Easter Day. We can also guess that it was taken in the morning, judging by the light coming in from the chancel windows. But when?

The Font

The font, which is carved from Chausey granite, dates from about 1400 and is perhaps as fine a specimen of sculptured granite as any in the Island. It was removed from the church at the time of the Reformation and buried on the north side, where it was unearthed during the 19th century restoration by workmen opening a trench. 

The Bell

In 1826, the Reverend Philippe Aubin was appointed Rector. He made many improvements to the fabric of the church, including the disposal of the old cracked bell, which was sold to a French bell founder named Pierre Le Lièvre. 


St Clement’s Church possesses a fine collection of silver plate, which can be seen in the Treasury in the north transept.