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It costs around £2,000 per week to maintain the life and ministry of St Clement’s Church. For every £1 we spend, 61p goes to pay the Parish Share, 29p on employment, 9p on administration and 1p on charitable donations.

The Parish Share is the amount we give every month to the Deanery of Jersey and the Diocese of Canterbury and it represents our single largest item of expenditure. The Parish Share helps to fund the Church of England’s ‘common purse’, which enables the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere, not just in those places where it can be afforded. The Parish Share funds the stipends and pensions of parish priests along with training and support services such as safeguarding. The Parish Share is therefore not so much a cost as the most important part of our giving.
In Jersey, as in France, the church building is owned by the parish / municipality as a whole, so the ongoing maintenance of the fabric is paid for out of the rates.
St Clement’s Church supports a number of different charities. It receives donations for these charities and pays them on to each charity according to the wishes of the respective donors. These monies are accounted for within the financial records of the church but do not form part of the church’s own income or expenditure. Full details of these receipts and payments are shown in the annual report and accounts of St Clement’s Church.
Should you wish to support the work of St Clement’s Church, our payment details are as follows:

By Bank Transfer

Name: St Clement’s Parish Church
Sort Code: 40-25-34
Account: 84087488

By Cheque
Cheques should be made payable to “St Clement’s Parish Church” and can be passed to any one of the Church Officers or clergy, or posted to us:

The Honorary Treasurer
St Clement’s Parish Church
The Caldwell Hall
La Grande Route de Saint Clément
St Clement
Jersey JE2 6QQ

If you are donating £50 or more and you are a taxpayer in Jersey, we are able to reclaim a 25% tax refund from the Comptroller of Taxes. If you are eligible, please complete the attached R10 form and send it to the above address.