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The important Restoration of 1880 was in fact initiated by the Reverend Charles Marett, M.A., Rector from 1842 1876. In 1874, the Rector pushed for a Committee to be appointed to draw up plans for a complete restoration and he himself collected 295 for the cause.


The annexe, built for the instigation of Rector Aubin, was entirely removed allowing for the re-opening of the West door and the unblocking of the West window. The near-by door was turned into a tiny vestry. A new entrance to the Church was made in the South transept. The gallery was pulled down and the walls stripped of their plaster, thus revealing the Frescoes. The high box-pews and the great square manor-pew in front of the pulpit were removed and replaced by the present seating.


The Chancel was restored to its ancient use with an altar and altar rails. A new pulpit and prayer-desk were installed, the pulpit being handsomely constructed out of Caen stone. The reredos was presented by Edward Mourant (Siegnuer), the sanctuary chair by Jean Monamy (Constable) and the lectern by Charles Marett (former Rector). Three stained glass windows were also presented.


The work took three years to complete and the total cost was 1535. The church was re-opened for public worship on 29th March 1882 and the service was conducted for the first time in English.

All Anglican churches on the island promote the safety of children and vulnerable adults within the church community using the Jersey Deanery safeguarding policies and procedures.

For more information on Jersey Deanery safeguarding policies please refer to the following Canterbury Diocese link: www.canterburydiocese.org/safeguarding

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