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Dumaresq Baptismal Dish
by Raoul Lempriere

In 1702 Helier Dumaresq presented to the church the silver baptismal dish which is displayed in the treasury in the north transept. It is sixteen inches in diameter, has no maker's mark and may well have been made in Jersey where a number of silversmiths plied their trade. Along the rim is engraved the following inscription -

" Baptismal Font given to St Clement's Church by Helier Dumaresq Gent.10th April 1702" (original in French).

Dumaresq's daughter Ester was christened on the day that the baptismal dish was presented.


Helier Dumaresq belonged to the Samares and Grouville branch of the Dumaresq family and was the son of Helier Dumaresq and Jane, daughter of Helier Jambart.He was twice Constable of St Clement, in 1685-1694 and 1697-1702. He was re-elected in 1694 and 1702 but on both occasions refused to take the oath of office.


On the east wall of the south transept is a dark grey memorial to Helier Dumaresq who died on the 22nd May of the following year. It was erected by Dumaresq's widow, Ester Le Geyt, and bears a poignant inscription not only lamenting the death of her husband and daughter but the fact that with the passing of the latter the linehad come to an end.At the foot of the memorial is inscribed a shield depicting the arms of Dumaresq.

Helier Dumaresq was buried on the 25th May 1716 in what is described as "the south chapel" beneath Mr Henry Touzel's pew.

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