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The Act Book of the Assemblee Ecclesiastique gives certain information as to what took place in the 19th century. In 1823, the Assembly forbade the Schoolmaster to continue holding his school in the vestry, as the children had been breaking seats and windows in the church.The church was also being used for other purposes at this time. The Militia cannon were being kept in the church and there is evidence that this was occuring up to 1824, for in that year a special meeting was held to take steps to make it easier to get them in and out.


In 1826, the Reverend Phillippe Aubin was appointed rector. He was a young and vigorous man, who made many improvements. In 1828, the old cracked bell was disposed of to a French bell founder, named Pierre Le Lievre, and was replaced by the present one, cast by Marquet of Villdeau. It was hung on September first of that year, and bears the inscription:


‘Saint Clement, Ile de Jersey, 1828 Messers Jean Touzel, et Gedeon Ahier, Surveillants.’


An organ, lent by the Seigneur of Samares, was placed in the gallery. An annexe, as hign as the church itself, was added to the west end. This was primarily to house the cannon but also acted as a vestry and Sunday School. Since this now blocked the West door, a new entrance was made, which in later years formed a small vestry. In 1833, the North door was walled up to exclude the draught. In 1837, the stone from which the parish notices had once been given out was ordered to be removed from the churchyard to make room for a grave.

All Anglican churches on the island promote the safety of children and vulnerable adults within the church community using the Jersey Deanery safeguarding policies and procedures.

For more information on Jersey Deanery safeguarding policies please refer to the following Canterbury Diocese link: www.canterburydiocese.org/safeguarding

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